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Halloween at Dead in the Head Elementary

posted by admin on November 13, 2012

The theme for our annual Halloween event for trick or treat was a school scene at Dead in the Head Elementary School.

Betty, the lunch lady was serving the school lunch of frog spawn soup, entree choice: maggot burgers, mystery meat loaf, or gooey sandwiches with brain butter and for dessert: rotten apple turnovers.

Poor Bobby Jones had been sitting in that time out chair so long that he changed into Bobby Bones.

The classroom was being supervised by Mrs. Goosebumps who was the substitute for the evening as the regular classroom teacher is a witch and needed the night off.

Children received candy by answering the teacher’s questions correctly, but everyone went home with a pencil or crayons along with the admonition to study harder and to stay away from the video games.

P.S.  The dunce boy refused to have his picture taken but did a good job of crowd control at the school entrance.

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Tea for a Terrific Girl

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My friend, Haley turned sixteen last month, and we celebrated at a tea in her honor.  Her mother and sister were also guests of honor.  I chose a black, white, and green theme, and the invitation set the stage for the event.

My garden house, La Petite Maison, was decorated with a pennant banner outside and birthday ribbons on the door posts as well as a coordinated table inside.

The menu consisted of pumpkin soup, sour cream and raisin scones with mock Devonshire cream, sweet potato tarts, a turkey/cranberry sandwich, leaf-shaped won ton crisps followed by sweets of miniature decorated pumpkin cookies, a tiny caramel apple and spice cupcakes.

Each of the guests received a bracelet as a favor along with gifts for the birthday girl.  Special thoughts were shared for Haley who has a stunning look to her, and I want her to know how unique and special she is in her own right.  My hope for her is that she can walk into the arena of life every day with the courage to be seen for who she is and not doubt and second guess that she is not enough.  Happy birthday, Haley; you are terrific!

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