A “Look Back” Party

Sun, Oct 13, 2013

Here is a good idea for a party for an elderly person!  My sister had the idea to do a “Look Back” party for my mother who is eighty-four years old.   Family and friends she has known over her life span were invited to an afternoon lunch at her home.

We picked a color theme which incorporated fall colors (yellow and orange) along with turquoise so it did not look too autumnal.

look back 2

Boxes were covered with black and white photos of mother through the years and filled with flowers.

look back 1

A welcome table greeted guests who were dropped off right there which eliminated long distance walking for the elderly. Valet parking was available.

look back 3

Lunch consisted of a hot meal of German potato salad, turkey or pork, rolls, Minnesota Waldorf salad, three bean casserole and relishes.  Lots of attention was paid to serving drinks and hors d’oeuvres; assisting those on walkers and accommodating to guests’ needs.

All of the guests were introduced, and their relationship to mother was noted.  Three of the guests had known my mother since she was a young girl, and there were four who were over ninety years of age.   A short program to go with a well-done poster occurred in the afternoon followed by cake and coffee.

look back 7

look back 4

look back 5

Three of the great-grandchildren posed for a picture as if they were delivering flowers to their great-grandmother.

look back 6

People commented on how much they enjoyed the party with its focus on looking back while the person was still alive.  Many felt this was better than waiting until the individual was deceased.  We felt so as well because there was a feeling of celebration without the shadow of sadness which accompanies death.   For all who attended, this party became a part of their memories too.

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