Top Ten Thoughts

Sat, Oct 12, 2013

Time and time again I have been involved in events, especially weddings where the individuals did not want to hire an event planner, and I have thought how much the services of an event planner would have helped.  Therefore, these are my top ten thoughts why using an event planner is a good idea.

1.  Headache relief:  There are always things that go awry at the last minute.  People could save themselves a huge headache by being able to pass the problem over to someone else.

2.  Sleep:  I repeatedly hear of those involved in an event who got only a few hours of sleep the night before because they were still working on things.  One mother of the bride was so wiped out the day of the wedding because of no sleep, she did not even have time to wash her hair.

3.  Maintain your friendships:  Friends may think there is something glamorous about event planning, but when it comes down to the last minute, they may not come through as hoped.  A friend was told she would have the help of two friends in decorating the tables for her wedding; at the last minute they each had to leave for their own commitments.  She was left with all of it.  Fortunately, I was available and came to the rescue.

4.  Money saving:  An event planner can save you extra expense by giving you advice and/or putting you in contact with vendors.   For example, I have seen too many programs and favors tossed because of inaccurate planning which adds to one’s budget.

5.  Last minute running around:  A recent bride was picking up her flowers two hours before the wedding.  This could have been put in the event planner’s hands.

6.  Expertise of the event planner:  As David Tutera,  event planner says, “Brides have a vision, and I come in with revision.”  One does not need to hire the celebrity event planners to get exceptional expertise, but planning ahead of time can make a big difference.

7.  Treasure your time:  If you want to be involved in the event,  see yourself as one of the guests and leave the details to the event planner.  People often forget that the event has to be “broken down” at the end, and this is one aspect of the planning which is not considered, or if so, one hopes that people will be able to step in.  A recent bride was upset because relatives threw away some items which she had wanted when the evening was over. 

8.  Avoid tears or tantrums:  Things often don’t turn out the way one wants, and it is nice to have an event planner who can do therapy as well.   I also have credentials as a psychologist and believe this competence has been invaluable in my business.

9.  Use of rentals:  I have many items which can be rented for your event which gives it a personal feeling, rather than your event looking like everything came from the nearest party supply store or company.

10.  Make a positive memory:  Pulling off a party may appear to be fun, but it is hard work and requires considerable creativity, planning, orientation to detail, and hours of work ahead of the event plus hours of work the day of.   It would be much better for the average individual to give this job over to an event planner and have a positive memory of the event.

I hope that you will give A Fine Affair consideration when you are planning an event.  My business is about exceptional personalized events and being mindful of these top ten thoughts.





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