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Words and Wishes for the New Year

posted by admin on January 19, 2014

New Years


I hosted a New Year’s Eve party for two children (age 10 and 8) and their parents around the theme of Words and Wishes.  I pulled together a table setting of greens with silver picks focusing on the clock and a framed calendar.  Everyone received a party hat, and there were horns and party favor crackers which I made for the children.

Appetizers were followed by a meal of shrimp and cheese fondue which was a first experience for the children.  After the meal each person was given an envelope.  We passed a box of cards around containing a variety of words; each individual picked a card to keep with the intent of seeing how that word will echo throughout the year for them.  Then everyone wrote down their wishes of improvements they would like to make during this year.  Each person took the envelope with them with the direction to open a year from now.  We wrapped up with a game about 2013 highlights with the children playing against each other and getting help from the adults or the New Year’s fairy.   We wound down after dessert at 9:00 p.m.  as there is no need to celebrate with children until midnight.

The idea of having a word to focus on for the year was particularly meaningful for everyone, and we will all be eager to see how that word resonates in our lives.  Something simple as a word and a wish can make for a wonderful night which it certainly did.

Happy 2014!



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