An Enchanted Evening

Tue, Nov 11, 2014

It was an enchanted evening this Halloween as my backyard was transformed for a Sleeping Beauty themed trick or treat.  Guests were greeted with a story board which set the stage for the event.



The guests walked along a twinkling lighted path to reach the enchanted forest where Disney music “Once Upon A Dream” set the mood.

enchanted fores

bird bath luminaria




The three good fairy godmothers were standing by star signs in the forest and passed out treats;  Mistress Fauna (in green) gave bubbles;  Mistress Merryweather (in blue) had done tulle wrapped kisses with a tag saying “Love’s first kiss can only break the evil spell,” and Mistress Flora (in red) passed out pixie stick fairy dust wands.



Treat buckets


After seeing the animals in the trees and Prince Philip’s cape and boots, the guests visited the cottage to see if  Princess Aurora was sleeping.  The raven peeked on to see if this baby was the one Maleficent was seeking.


little house





A large shadow of Maleficent illuminated in green was the finishing touch as the guests completed the event, and all was good!

Maleficent (1)


P.S.  Much love and thanks to my honored and exalted sister fairy godmothers.

fairy bubbles




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