32,923 Days of Life

Mon, Aug 3, 2015

All those thirty-two thousand days and more added up to ninety years for Grandpa Hansen, and his birthday was an occasion for a large celebration for over one hundred guests.  (At the end he called it “a production.”).  My sister was the master mind behind the affair for her father-in-law, but I was there to help in the execution.  The guest of honor arrived in a 1930 Chevy Coupe and was soon seated at the welcome table so he could greet folks as they came.

90th bday 7

90th bday 6

90th bday 5

The event was held under a pavilion in a local park, but with a bit of creativity the place was transformed. There was a banner above the food table; flowers filled the fireplace area; tables were dressed in red linen tablecloths with vases of flowers on each; another poster was placed so people could look at while waiting in the buffet line; and drinks were served in colorful tubs, rather than in coolers.  There were fans with grandpa’s picture on, and they were needed on a hot July day.

90th bday 4

90th bday 12

90th bday 9

90th bday 3

90th bday 11

After the picnic lunch my nephew had composed a poem with stories collected from the family about his grandfather.  He is carrying on the tradition of writing a poem which has been a signature of Grandpa Hansen. A choice of chocolate cake or angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream (following the red/white color theme) was served for dessert.

90th bday 2

Then it was time for the clan to gather for photos. His eight children who have always been known as the “Dirty Dogs” were seated around him followed by photos of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. (Everyone had been told to wear red, the Wisconsin colors, but there are always a few who can’t follow directions.)


Roy with Greats and Grandkids

There was a photo booth area with props  set up in one corner of the pavilion, and at the end of the day my sisters and I gathered there for a couple of pictures with our dad whom we hope makes it to ninety in two years.  Then we can have another party!

90th bday 10

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