The Fischer Family Freak Show – Halloween 2015

Mon, Dec 7, 2015


Our neighborhood trick-or-treat this year was a multi-generational event with eighteen of us gathering under the big top for The Fischer Family Freak Show.  The youngest family member was six months; the oldest was eighty-eight, and there was even a family dog.  Each person was in charge of selecting their own costume and treats related to their character.


Everyone gathered before for a group photo behind the pumpkins carved to say “Fischer Family Freak Show.”


The atmosphere was set with circus music playing all night along with the smell of popcorn from the popcorn wagon wafting through the air. DSC_5581DSC_0789

The barker warmed up for the crowd with the snake charmer and strong man.


Kit and Kat, the Siamese twins,  sat on the steamer trunk which had traveled to lots of places.


Claire Voyance, fortune teller, had her crystal ball and fortunes in front of her.


The eighty-eight year old Fischer father was the perfect Uncle Fester.  In tribute to his wife of sixty-four years (now deceased) the clown skeleton sat next to him.  DSC_5561

Close friends also joined in the fun as Trixie, the dog trainer with her trick dog, and her sister who ran the duck pond game dressed no less as a duck.



The amazing athletic acrobats also kept the littlest lion tamer and baby lion under control.


The littlest lion tamer needed to take a break from all the festivities.


Serena charmed all the children with her snake, and children got rubber snakes as their treat from her.


Mr. Joe Elephant provided security at the elephant tent.


It wouldn’t be a circus without a clown who worked the crowd outside the tent and surprised some of the children with his camera which squirted water in their faces.


After the lights were extinguished outside, the family gathered inside to eat and enjoy each others’ company.



We all would have left with good memories of the weekend, but thirteen got hit with a flu bug within forty-eight hours.  It still was good that the show went on without a hitch.  Thanks to all who shared in this Halloween Happening!





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