Welcome to Motorcycle Manor

Mon, Nov 13, 2017

Twenty-five years of creating a Halloween experience for the neighborhood families, and we still came up with another idea.  This year we transformed the front yard to represent a manor house which specialized in motorcycles.  A decorated urn with sign welcomed the trick-or-treat guests.

The skeleton boys were getting ready for a night ride although it was going to be a chilly one.  The ghoul was happy to stay at home.

Other attractions included a spider web with rat waiting below if the spider should drop; a cemetery with skeletons coming out of the graves; and every manor house needs its own pet menagerie with a dragon named Dorfuss and beagle dog, Bonz.  The dragon and dog were a hit with the littlest ones.  After dark fire torches illuminated the night.




The owners of the manor house were on hand to greet the children as well.

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