What makes us different

An event planned by A Fine Affair is more than table decorations, food, favors, and other amenities although those elements are certainly significant, but it is also a commitment to provide an experience incorporating theme and ritual for all those who attend. In creating that kind of event, the guests are left with a story to be told again and again, and the story about that event becomes a part of what can anchor people’s lives with meaning.

In all fairness, anyone can host a party, but most people do not have the knowledge, skills or experience required to organize an exceptional event. Perhaps you have already hosted a party where you have spent the entire time setting up and managing the food, but missed special moments, photo opportunities or had no time to visit with friends. Likewise, you may have been a guest at a party or wedding but were asked to move tables or arrangements or had to run out for supplies. Speaking from first-hand knowledge, these are the things that can put a damper on an event for you and your guests.

With thirty-five years of experience, you will be getting a coordinator who is professional, tactful, energetic, reliable and flexible. An initial consultation gives us a chance to meet and learn about you so that we can begin the collaborative process of creating a fine affair. The goal is not only to provide you with a service but also to form a relationship which will give you a personalized event.

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Details, details, details —it’s all in the details!

Exceptional Personalized Events