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Monster Splash Birthday Bash

posted by admin on September 30, 2013


Aqua and lime green were the background colors  for a first birthday party centered around a monster theme.   A handmade invitation with a wiggly eye captured guests’ attention even before they arrived at the party.   The eye idea showed up throughout the party from my signature cookies,  cupcakes and cake, tablecloths, centerpiece and drinking glasses.

Kaden bday buffet table

Small monster stuffed animals were dispersed around the tables along with pictures of the birthday boy.

kadens bday treat table

A few favor items  (monster teeth and candy holders) were handed out to the children after the bean bag toss game.  The game board was a nice backdrop for the birthday boy’s encounter with his cake.

Kaden bday

This was a very creative and clever theme for a summer birthday party at a home with a pool and was relatively inexpensive to pull off.

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Inspiring Ideas

posted by admin on April 22, 2013

Several times a year Bachman’s, a local garden center, decorates the Bachman family home for the season.  This year’s spring theme for the house was decorated as a home of an event planner.  The house is always a source of inspiration, whatever the season, but this was particularly fun as it featured ideas for planning a variety of parties.  If you are in the area, this is one of the Twin Cities hidden treasures and is a real bargain with admission of $5.00.  It runs through April 28, but if you miss this one, the fall house is scheduled for September 12 – October 6, 2013.   I have included some pictures which inspired me and hope will you as well.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACoffee mugs as planters with miniature trellis (like in fairy gardens) and ribbon as place card holder; garden rock with word on it as favor.


Chairs adorned with swag spoon rest and tied with burlap ribbon

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPrintable wallpaper as the table runner

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABird vases in clear bases as candlestick holders

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASilicone muffin cups as miniature planters


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGrill rack decorated with ribbon turned into a serving tray for the flower kebabs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn the main store a bed frame turned into a table.  Gives new meaning to anything!

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Halloween at Dead in the Head Elementary

posted by admin on November 13, 2012

The theme for our annual Halloween event for trick or treat was a school scene at Dead in the Head Elementary School.

Betty, the lunch lady was serving the school lunch of frog spawn soup, entree choice: maggot burgers, mystery meat loaf, or gooey sandwiches with brain butter and for dessert: rotten apple turnovers.

Poor Bobby Jones had been sitting in that time out chair so long that he changed into Bobby Bones.

The classroom was being supervised by Mrs. Goosebumps who was the substitute for the evening as the regular classroom teacher is a witch and needed the night off.

Children received candy by answering the teacher’s questions correctly, but everyone went home with a pencil or crayons along with the admonition to study harder and to stay away from the video games.

P.S.  The dunce boy refused to have his picture taken but did a good job of crowd control at the school entrance.

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Tea for a Terrific Girl

posted by admin on

My friend, Haley turned sixteen last month, and we celebrated at a tea in her honor.  Her mother and sister were also guests of honor.  I chose a black, white, and green theme, and the invitation set the stage for the event.

My garden house, La Petite Maison, was decorated with a pennant banner outside and birthday ribbons on the door posts as well as a coordinated table inside.

The menu consisted of pumpkin soup, sour cream and raisin scones with mock Devonshire cream, sweet potato tarts, a turkey/cranberry sandwich, leaf-shaped won ton crisps followed by sweets of miniature decorated pumpkin cookies, a tiny caramel apple and spice cupcakes.

Each of the guests received a bracelet as a favor along with gifts for the birthday girl.  Special thoughts were shared for Haley who has a stunning look to her, and I want her to know how unique and special she is in her own right.  My hope for her is that she can walk into the arena of life every day with the courage to be seen for who she is and not doubt and second guess that she is not enough.  Happy birthday, Haley; you are terrific!

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Good Night Sweet Baby

posted by admin on August 27, 2012

Sometimes an idea for a baby shower is so different that it requires convincing others that pulling it off will make a statement which is “out of the box.”  I recently executed a shower which falls into that category, and I have posted a number of pictures below.  To assist in the viewing of the pictures, here is a brief description of some of what went into the planning and the details of this shower.

There is also a video on You Tube called Good Night Sweet Baby under tappapuppets.

The theme revolved around the parents-to-be starting a new chapter in their lives as they had already been married seven years.  The invitation was handmade to look like a small book with an actual story inside of the couple’s life, giving party details and asking guests to bring a bedtime book to help baby fall asleep. The color theme needed to be something extraordinary, and black and white fit this criteria.  The idea of black and white ended up coinciding with the idea of day moving to night, and therefore it seemed only fitting to have the shower occur in the early evening.

The maternal grandmother stood in front of the house welcoming guests and directing them to the party area.  Along the way there was a photo area where each guest had their picture taken.  As they finished, they were brought around to the backyard where a large white tent stood with decorations to fit the baby shower idea.   A pennant banner hung over the gift table which had an old-fashioned baby scale on it.  There was a white dresser which displayed black and white family baby photos; this was an activity to guess who the photos depicted.  A white wicker baby bassinet was refurbished to be a drink table along with another area for wine.  The buffet table held a variety of miniature hors d’oeuvres and sweets.  Gift opening occurred with the mother-to-be sitting on a white rocker.   While she was opening gifts, miniature hot fudge sundaes (vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, chocolate jimmies, teddy grahams and a cherry) were served in tiny white bowls with small black spoons.  The evening concluded with the bedtime story, It’s Time To Sleep, My Love.  Guests went home with a decorated cookie in the shape of a baby rattle and a bookmark from baby-to-be thanking them for being a part of the event.

Oh, by the way, here is a picture of the mother-to-be.

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Honor Flight for Father

posted by admin on July 4, 2012

As we celebrate our freedoms this day, I would like to recognize all of the men and women who have done service to our country and, especially, to honor my father who served in World War II.  He recently went on the Badger (Wisconsin) Honor Flight which provides World War II veterans an opportunity to fly free of charge to Washington D.C. for a day.  This is an incredible opportunity throughout the nation and a way to honor them at the World War II Memorial there in D.C.  These pictures celebrated his homecoming at the Dane County (Madison) Airport.

His family was waiting with waving flags as he approached escorted by an honor guard.  One of the cousins made buttons for all of us to wear, and while we waited, we “tailgated” from a decorated wagon.

The youngest grandson, John Tyler, tired though he was, was there to greet his “Papa.”  His greeting was the first to be heard by my father.



We did not want to end the celebration that evening so we gathered the next day for a red, white and blue brunch at my sister’s home.  She had accompanied my father on his trip, and she is pictured below in blue.




Thanks dad, not only for your service to our country but also for all that you give to your family who love you very much.  Happy Fourth of July!

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Time for thank you notes

posted by admin on January 9, 2012

As the season of abundant gift giving ends, there is no substitute for a well written thank you note, especially one that comes via snail mail and is written in ones’ own hand, and yet I am sure many of us will not receive any like that.  It appears to have become a lost art.  In addition, it would be nice if the note addressed the sender’s thoughtfulness, acknowledged the gift and something specific about it.  I received several which did that and more, and it extended the spirit of the season.   To all of you who wrote thank you notes this season, I applaud you for your consideration and believe that many more gifts will come your way because of your sense of gratitude.

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“Truck or Treat”

posted by admin on November 14, 2011

We have had an unusually warm fall here in Minnesota, and we reaped the benefits on Halloween with a beautiful, balmy night for all of the trick or treaters.  Our theme this year focused around our black pickup truck which was decked out as the Down In The Muck Black Truck Farm fall produce truck.  It was filled with hay bales, scarecrows, pumpkins, gourds and mums.

My husband dressed as the farmer, and I was the chicken who interacted by dancing with the children to the Chicken Dance song.   The children received their candy in a farm fresh white egg, and if anyone wanted to stop and gossip, they would get plenty of  “poop from the chicken coop.”

When the evening wound down, I didn’t want to take my costume off because it had been so much fun once again to create Halloween memories for the children and families of our community.

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Weddings That Wow

posted by admin on September 12, 2011

The 2011 summer wedding season draws to a close although the wedding I attended on Saturday occurred with temperatures here in Minneapolis in the high 80’s which really made it seem like a summer wedding.   I love working on and attending weddings, but there are only a few of them that truly are weddings that wow!  What I think sets those weddings apart is a theme and following that theme throughout from the invitation to the afterglow.   This summer I had the honor of helping out on Sarah and Eric’s wedding which made the top of my list for taking a theme and incorporating it throughout the wedding.  The theme took off from Sarah’s great-grandmother’s antique brooch which had a blue bird on it.  (Sarah even had the brooch pinned into her bouquet.)  The invitations were hand crafted by Sarah and her mother and carried the bird theme forward there.  In addition, both women are  very creative and spent a lot of time making unique items such as chair bows from coffee filters, fabric banners and other unique touches.  (See the pictures below from Sarah and Eric’s wedding.)  One can have an outstanding wedding by being creative and not  spending a lot of money.  Unfortunately, a number of people do not have the organization skills to pull it all together nor the ideas which might make a wedding have an over-the-top element.  Please call upon A Fine Affair as you start planning a wedding, and I will work with you to create a wedding that wows!

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Fun On The Fourth

posted by admin on July 11, 2011

It was not a huge crowd this year on the Fourth of July, but I pulled out all the stops to make it a festive Fourth.  The yard was decorated with flags, and my outdoor containers were already filled with red, white and blue flowers so they only needed the addition of a flag or two.  Since I have been enjoying making fabric pennant banners, I decided at the last minute to make a red, white and blue one for over the table.

Then I used three glass containers and filled them with white daisies, red carnations and blue allium along with some sparkly Fourth of July picks.

The children were entertained by making a sparkly sun visor and enjoyed the “Hunt for the Red, White and Blue” in locating stars which had been hid around the yard for them.  Door prizes consisted of a candy firecracker which I had made from a roll of lifesavers and scrapbook paper.

The food was traditional picnic fare of hot dogs and bratwurst along with the typical sides capped off with cherry pie stars and ice cream sporting a sparkler.  We ended the evening with sparklers which was a first for the children.  All in all, everyone had fun on the Fourth!

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